Walk with Walnut Porth Beach Newquay Cornwall

Photos: A walk with Walnut at Porth Beach

Porth Beach in Newquay was busier than it gets in summer as hundreds of people and their dogs descended on the sands to show support to Mark Woods and his  18-year-old whippet Walnut as the whippet enjoyed one last walk on the beach.

Earlier this week Walnut’s owner Mark Woods posted on Facebook inviting people to join them. Sadly Walnut’s health had deteriorated to the point that the vet had advised he be put to sleep. Mark invited others to walk with him on Walnut’s last morning, expecting just a few locals to come along. But the subsequent media interest and sharing of his story on social media led to a huge crowd which one owner described as ‘doggie heaven.’ We went along to show our support to Mark and Walnut, and the atmosphere was one of support and love as people arrived with cards and heartfelt words and strokes for Walnu. Mark did the walk he regularly does with Walnut each day before thanking everyone for coming. We all send our thoughts to Mark and his family.

Here are just a few pictures from the walk. Were you there? Share your thoughts on the day below.


Walk with Walnut Porth Beach, Newquay









Walk with Walnut Porth Beach Newquay Cornwall






3 thoughts on “Photos: A walk with Walnut at Porth Beach

  1. What a lively last day walnut… sorry we didnt get to say farwell little one.. as we live in cheshire and were not down your home town… rest peacfully at rainbow bridge… big hugs to your family.. x

  2. Broke my heart this did, but what a way to go out and a great send off to a brilliant member of that family, hope Walnut is in doggy heaven chasing squirrels to his heart’s content!

  3. Still thinking of beautiful walnut, he was an inspiration to our lives!! Bless him, rest in peace, gorgeous boy! He brought a lot of people together and made us feel much better people!

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