Keep your dog safe on the South West Coast Path

IMG_0232The South West Coast Path offers beautiful walks around Cornwall, but it does bypass areas which are close to steep cliffs and it is important to keep humans and dogs as safe as possible.  Here are some points to remember when walking with your dog on the coast path.

  • If you dog has a tendency to run off out of sight, to chase rabbits etc and doesn’t have excellent recall, keep them on a lead when you are walking along cliffs.
  • Clip on a short lead around sheep, cows and horses, irrespective of how well trained your dog is. If cows look agitated and come towards you however, and you fear for your safety, do let the dog off the lead so you can both get away independently.
  • If your dog is a little too friendly, keep them on a lead on steep cliffs. Some people don’t like dogs and can step aside instinctively, with disastrous results.
  • If you see a dog in trouble, call the coastguard (dial 999). The coastguard do come out to rescue dogs in difficulty, chiefly because many unqualified humans can get themselves into trouble in attempted rescues, so don’t try to rescue your dog yourself.

7 thoughts on “Keep your dog safe on the South West Coast Path

  1. Hi great topic , im trying to get the council to put signs up to advise keep dogs on leads near cliffs as we have also had a bad tragedy of loosing a dog .could i please have your opinion on the case .thank you Lesley

  2. We were on a walk in porth and was walking our dogs , we normally walked the coastal path to Newquay (which was fenced ), this time we turned right , we never been that way before . The dogs had been in the caravan most of the morning as was raining bad , so we seen lots of grassy area and let them off leads to play……NOW WE REGRET IT………we lost one of our beautiful dogs over a sheer drop ….it was horrible. I just want to warn others who might not think like ourselves of the danger ahead .x

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